power, healing, initiation, education and birthing

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Shamanism is an ancient Earth-based spirit practice that has roots in every culture worldwide and belongs to all peoples. Shamanic healing is a form of spirit healing or energy healing that is complementary to all other forms of therapy. A person may seek out shamanic healing to nurture unresolved or chronic conditions such as unresolved trauma, grief, disease, depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic pain, nightmares, ancestral wounds or past life themes. Shamanic tools can also help to create meaningful relationships with the unseen realms and spirit helpers, which serve to guide a person through life’s transformations and initiations.

As a shamanic healer and educator, I hold a special passion for supporting women on their mother journeys. I practice shamanic birth preparation, fertility and womb healing, support the integration of baby loss, facilitate connections between mom and baby during pregnancy, and make contact with a power animal to guide mothers through birthing. I also use shamanic tools to create personal ritual and ceremony for birth trauma, postpartum depression and anxiety healing.

I work with individuals, couples and with groups through shamanic healing sessions and workshops in downtown Kingston, Ontario.

If you have any questions about my shamanic healing practice or my educational workshops, please email me at michelle.girouard@gmail.com.

Many Blessings,
Michelle Girouard